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Rate is a writing service offering academic content writing specifically to students at colleges and universities. We were recently asked to investigate this company and write a review detailing our experiences. As always we begin the process by exploring the College-Paper website, conducting price comparisons, researching company’s reputation, and then placing an order. Our goal is to learn as much about College Paper as we can. This includes interacting with various members of the staff and getting feedback from previous customers. The remainder of this review reflects our overall thoughts and experiences.

Advertised Products and Services

College-Paper only offers products related to academic writing. This includes, essays, term papers, research papers, dissertation and thesis assistance, college admissions writing, and other products typically associated with college and university life.

We were unable to find any evidence that any services were offered to job seekers or business professionals. This is in spite of the fact that many of their competitors have chosen to diversity their services in this way.

Quality of Products/Writers

In order to provide a an accurate rating of College-Paper, we placed an order for a college level essay. The details of our order were as follows:

  • Four Page Essay
  • Subject: English
  • Topic: Character Analysis of Juliet From Romeo And Juliet
  • Deadline: 10 days
  • Length: 4 Pages

The first thing that we noticed was the utter lack of detail that was included in the order form. We were never asked to provide a grade level or given the option of uploading materials. Because of this, it appears as though the same paper would be written for a college freshman as it would a graduate student.

Sadly, the final product reflected this lack of care and concern for assignment details or customer needs. When we reviewed customer testimonials on other review  sites, we found that many people were underwhelmed by the products they received. Our final paper arrived on time, but was not written at a college level. We found that our disappointment was mirrored in the vast majority of customer reviews that we read as well.

Customer Support/Service

We interacted with customer support both online and over the phone on multiple occasions. Here are some of the pros & cons of those interactions:

  • Live Service Reps Were Friendly And Personable
  • Our Complaints Were Not Resolved to Our Satisfaction
  • It Took an Inordinate Amount of Time to Receive Information
  • Service Was Available All Hours of The Day as Promised

Unfortunately, the bottom line is that a friendly associate who is ineffective still reflects poorly on an organization. However, we will say that we got the distinct impression that nobody was really empowered to offer us any real assistance or solutions.


We were able to  use a promo code to receive a 25 percent discount off of our order. The company also offers other discounts, as well as coupon codes. Overall, the prices here are pretty average. Unfortunately, the quality of work needs much improvement before their prices are worthwhile.

Additional Benefits

The offerings here are pretty sparse. There is a blog that contains some interesting posts, but not much else in terms of relevant content. A check with the BBB revealed that this company is not a fraud or scam.

Final Verdict

Because of significant quality and customer support issues, we cannot recommend this service to any student. Please check out our other reviews to find a service that will work for you.

10 customer reviews of

doesn't recommended this service

Negative: After using College Paper I realized it was better to pay more money for self-education than to spend them on useless websites who promise to make it all good for you. Instead, they sent me a plagiarized paper! Beware of this writing service!

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doesn't recommended this service

Positive: Fast delivery...

Negative: ... of a bad quality college paper. Ha! I never expected for some professional business that deals with lots of customers and nice amount of money to be that bad in reality. No matter how good they might say they are - read feedback on their work before ordering. Not reading it was my mistake and I paid enough for that. Will not use it ever again. Good luck poor service!!

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doesn't recommended this service

Negative: Failed scholarship essay!!!!!!!!

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Audrey commented:

Papers from them can`t be called super or professional. There are some unacceptable mistakes (especially from writers with a PhD degree!). Timing is not something they are good with. Don`t like their resource. Can`t recommend.

Graham commented:

Ha! Now I understand why they propose 25% discount to their customers. Of course, such services should be given for free! Awful place for your paper, people.

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