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Rate is an online writing service that appears to have been in business for about five years. Many students have contacted us for information on My Essay Writing. Therefore, we have decided to investigate and write this review. As always our concerns are writing quality, customer service, prices, website navigation, user experience, and bonus content.

As one might expect, we did place an order for writing services. We also read online customer reviews. We even took positive testimonials into consideration as well as exploring the writing service website. Finally, we inquired with the BBB. We wanted to know if MyEssayWriting is a fraud or scam.

Advertised Products And Services

One thing that did impress us was the wide variety of writing services offered. The offerings cover academic, business, and writing for job seekers. For students, the writing includes essays, lab reports, thesis and dissertation work, book reports, and other documents. For businesses, they have press releases, SEO content, and more. Finally, job seekers can ask for help with resumes and CV. They offer editing and proofreading in addition to writing services.

Quality of Products/Writers

Our essay was absolutely unacceptable. We expect a reasonable amount of errors spread across an entire document. However, there was more than that amount just in the first paragraph alone. This paper was not acceptable at any grade level. A student would have needed to repair it significantly before turning it in.

Customer Support/Service

We contacted customer service before we placed our order. We simply wanted to chat about policies and ask a few questions. They weren’t exceptionally knowledgeable. However, they were polite and found the answers we needed.  However, we encountered issues after we received our paper. We inquired about revisions, but they were unable to help us. All in all, the interactions were disheartening.


At more than 21 dollars per page, these are very steep prices. Many students cannot afford to spend this much on such shoddy quality. We searched for discounts in order to get a better deal. Fortunately, we did get to use a promo code. There are also other coupon codes available as well.

Additional Benefits

We looked but did not find a blog or any extra content offered by My Essay Writing. Students and others who are looking for a good user experience or interesting content simply will not find it here. This company clearly keeps things limited to the very basics. Unfortunately, considering the high prices being charged, most visitors should expect something extra in return for their money.

Final Verdict

We have considered the pros & cons of Our final rating is poor. Writing quality, the most important aspect of all, was very poor. There were other things that bothered us as well. The website provided by MyEssayWriting was confusing and difficult to navigate. Customer support was not effective or knowledgeable. Prices were also a bit too high. For these reasons, we encourage students to look elsewhere. There are several companies that we have reviewed who do an excellent job at this kind of work.

4 customer reviews of

doesn't recommended this service

Positive: Good support from their support department.

Negative: High price in combination with a wrong writer creates magically disgusting results. I didn`t even need their plagiarism reports, nor QA explanations - all I needed was a normal paper I can be proud of. However, definitely not with this resource.

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doesn't recommended this service

Positive: I have nothing good to say about them.

Negative: There are too many mistakes in my essay. I`m saddened to confirm, but MyEssayWriting is not the company you can easily trust. Personally, I would never take another chance to work with them. Because I`m sure the experience will be repeated and I will get the same awful results as I do hold in my hands at the moment.

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doesn't recommended this service

Positive: -

Negative: Hoping for the best I applied for some writing help with my research paper at myessaywriting. If I knew at the beginning what a situation I`d find myself in, I would have never done it. If you`re looking for a place to order any academic assignment, don`t take into account this one.

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