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Rate appears to be a relatively new academic writing service to hit the industry. Yet there is some information out there based upon its relatively short time in business – enough so that we are able to provide a pretty factual and objective review of the quality and service it provides to students. To assess quality and service, we scour the website for all of the information that is available, looking at the content, the samples, the pricing and discounts, on-site testimonials, and any other content we find. We also looked on the web for customer reviews, as well as ordered a university-level research paper with a 7-day deadline. The results are summarized here.

Advertised Products and Services

Speedy Paper focuses solely on academic products and services. Students may order everything from a basic essay through a doctoral dissertation. The company divides its products and services into three large categories – writing, editing/proofreading, and problem solving, as least for order placement and pricing.

Customers can find the complete listing of products and services when they reach the order form page and begin to fill in the fields on that form.

Quality of Products/Writers

To provide a rating on quality, we have to look at several elements. Here is our assessment of what we found related to SpeedyPaper.

  • There is no information available on the writers that the company uses other than to say they are “proficient” and “qualified.” Their degree levels and whether they are Native English-speaking professionals from English-speaking universities is not addressed at all.
  • Customer testimonials on the website are all very complimentary, as expected.
  • Customer comments and feedback on review sites and social media are quite mixed. The biggest complaints relate to quality of writing, with a number of customers stating that they did not believe ENL writers were being used to produce their pieces.
  • The paper we ordered and received had some glaring errors – no thesis statement, illogical structure, poor composition, and incorrect word usage.

Beyond this, our larger concern cropped up when we reviewed the samples that are posted on the site. A Ph.D. thesis in the area of business, for example, was 5 pages in length, with 4 resources – all of the resources were books and thus secondary sources. This piece would be appropriate for a high school assignment, and certainly Speedy Paper should know the basic requirements of a Ph.D. thesis.

Another sample, a high school essay on the omnivore, attempted to discuss the poor eating habits and factory production of the food we eat. In addition to vocabulary that was far too sophisticated for a high school essay, the piece was riddled with incorrect word usage.

Here is a sentence directly taken from a sample admissions letter to Oxford University. “the doctoral program will also make me stand a better chance to seek for employment in big companies where I will be able to show what needs to be done in the context of current technology system.” This essay would have been thrown out by any admissions committee.

While the samples displayed poor structure and writing, we can nevertheless state that is not a fraud or scam. Customers do get the orders they place and pay for.

We could find no SpeedyPaper BBB membership either, even though the company states it is America-based.

Customer Support/Service

This is an area in which the company could certainly use improvement. It claims to be available 24/7 via chat, email, phone and Skype. This was just not the case.

  • We called the company on several occasions, at different times of day and night. Each time we were greeted with music, which lasted for about 2 minutes. We then got a message that stated, “The wireless customer you are calling is not available. Please try your call again later.”
  • In order to live chat, the customer must submit his/her name, email address, and phone number and wait for someone to get back to them. This is not live chat in real time.
  • We did attempt one email and received no response.
  • There is not physical address provided for either.


Speed Paper prices are in the low average range (our paper was $120.00). Perhaps this is why there are no discounts offered to customers. We also could not find any coupon codes for special pricing nor any promise of such activity. However, in the order form, there is a field for a promo code - there is just no way to get one.

Additional Benefits

We found no listing of free pages, and we assume they are included in the price of each piece. A plagiarism report is $10.00 and for an additional 10% there is a VIP service of service.

Final Verdict

We cannot recommend Speedy Paper at this time. The quality of writing will need to significantly improve. In looking at the pros & cons, we also must list serious concern with customer support – it is just unresponsive.

10 customer reviews of

doesn't recommended this service

Negative: I ordered a book review from this service and I really didn't expect that it would be so bad. The writer barely read this particular novel and the review was very superficial. I am not satisfied with the result and I'd like to get my money back, but the support team says that it's impossible for some reason. Not a good service.

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doesn't recommended this service

Negative: Missed deadline. Missed deadline. And again - missed deadline. It was the main requirement for my order - on time completion. Yet, I didn`t get it. Superb.

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doesn't recommended this service

Negative: Three pages essay in 24 hours, with a high quality and required previously information - mission impossible for speedy paper resource. I suppose, they are not quite familiar with the terms professional, approach and writing. Although, I haven`t got a single idea of how it was possible to create a completely differ paper than the one I had ordered.

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Dom commented:

The writer failed to meet the deadline and I had a very urgent order. It's unacceptable, because I couldn't hand in the essay on time thanks to this service. I'm very angry!

Landon commented:

Can I say something good about this service? Sadly, but no. Being quite good at writing myself I easily understand and point out awful mistakes made in my paper by the writer from this service. Doesn`t worth your attention

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