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Welcome! This is where all the real behind-the-scenes stuff comes in. My mission is to provide accurate and objective information about online writing services. But I’m not doing this alone. This website relies on key figures that are involved in content editing and marketing – people I couldn’t have done it without.

As my short bio on the website states, I worked for many years for essay writing services and changed several companies along the way. I can’t share my position, in order not to compromise myself, but I had enough access to witness all the key processes you need to know to get the best out of such a company.

I want users of this site to be able to make the best choices when they decide to use a writing service. To this end, I use the same factors and criteria to evaluate every writing service I review, which I then transfer to content reviewer Erica and editor-in-chief Gregory. When I write up a review summary and guys wrap it in natural and clear writing, our users can be sure that they are getting all the information they need to make a good choice.

While we’re working on the message we deliver on-site, Donald is our voice in the field of marketing and outreach. He uses all the knowledge he has to spread the word about us and the work we do – uncover the truth about essay writing services.

Here are the essay writing heroes we have and deserve:

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Gregory V. Chapman

Gregory is the editor-in-chief of our website. He takes responsibility for all of our content – information about our company, blog posts, and our social media platforms.

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Erica Sunarjo

Erica is a content reviewer. She reviews all posts of our users and ensures that they are appropriate and related to our mission and goals. We have strict policies in place regarding postings and discussions, and she makes sure that those policies are followed.

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Donald Fomby

Don is our marketing pro. We do provide many third-party advertisements for our users to review and access. All of these must relate to our mission and be appropriate for our users.

We are committed to providing seekers of writing help with the best possible information and choices. If you want straight-up facts, look to our reviews.