About Us

Our mission is to provide accurate and objective information about online writing services. We want users of our site to be able to make the best choices when they decide to use a writing service. To this end, we use the same factors and criteria to evaluate every writing service we review, and we rate them on these factors. When we write up a review summary and rate a writing company, our users can be sure that they are getting all the information they need to make a good choice.

When we review a writing service, we dig deep into their website content; we read samples they provide; we comb the Internet for customer reviews and feedback; we contact their customer support departments; and we review their policies, pricing, and benefits. We want to know if customers are happy with the products and services they have received and if they are getting their questions and issues resolved by a responsive customer support department. We take all of the data we collect from actual customers, along with what we have discovered from the company website, and report that in our review summaries.

Our administrative staff is composed of the following people:

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Gregory V. Chapman

Gregory is the editor-in-chief of our website. He takes responsibility for all of our content – information about our company, blog posts, and our social media platforms.

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Erica Sunarjo

Erica is a content reviewer. She reviews all posts of our users and ensures that they are appropriate and related to our mission and goals. We have strict policies in place regarding postings and discussions, and she makes sure that those policies are followed.

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Donald Fomby

Don is our marketing pro. We do provide many third-party advertisements for our users to review and access. All of these must relate to our mission and be appropriate for our users.

We are committed to providing seekers of writing help with the best possible information and choices. If you want straight-up facts, look to our reviews.