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Table of contents:

  1. The Hassles of Essay Writing
  2. Let’s Define “Cheap”
  3. How to Find a Cheap Essay Writing Service
  4. Cheap Writing Service Reviews from Best Writers Online
  5. Methodology of the Selection and Review
  6. Are Cheap Essay Writing Services Legit?
  7. How Fast the Essays Get Done When Paying Cheap
  8. How Low Can You Go in the Pursuit of Cheapness?
  9. Are All Features Included with This Kind of Company (Cheap)?
  10. Do They Provide Discounts Even Though Being Cheap Already?
  11. Quality Concerns – Plagiarism, Grammar, Level of Writers
  12. Is the Number of Revisions Higher for a Cheap Writing Service?

The Hassles of Essay Writing

Essays are the most common writing assignments, starting in high school and moving onward through graduate-level work. Some are basic, requiring no research, while others, especially argumentative and persuasive will require it. Either way, they are assigned in most courses and can become overwhelming in the face of many factors:

  • Students are busy people, and sometimes they face multiple essay assignments all due at much the same time.
  • Students are not motivated to write essays for courses that don’t interest them.
  • Essays that require research add much more time to the assignment.
  • Students are tired of poor scores/grades because their writing skills are not the best.

These issues have resulted in an explosion of online writing services, all competing for student dollars and all promising original, high-quality pieces, composed by the best writers in the business. And many advertise themselves as being the cheapest in the industry. Understand, though that the cheapest essay writing service will probably not deliver the quality you need.

Let’s Define “Cheap”

The term “cheap” has two meanings. First, it means a low price. Thus, we might be able to find a cheap price for an item that is on a clearance sale. Or we might do comparison shopping and find a cheap price on an item in comparison to prices charged by others. We love these kinds of bargains.

Second, “cheap” refers to poor quality. So, we may buy an item that falls apart quickly because it was manufactured poorly. We have wasted our money and, if the item is necessary, will have to pay a higher price to get the quality that will last. This is often true of cheap shoes, clothing items, tools, and even furniture.
This is also true for essay writing services too. Students can look for the cheapest price but they will typically discover that the quality is cheap as well. In other words, “you get what you pay for.” Rather than jump on the cheapest price, students should be looking for affordable writing services.

How to Find a Cheap Essay Writing Service

You can find them through any search engine – thousands of them, actually. And you can check prices and find really cheap costs for products and services. But how do you figure out the right balance between price and quality? 
For most students, a low price is really attractive, given their tight budgets. So, they hop on the best price they find and order an essay to test it out. They are then disappointed and start their searches all over again. This can become a never-ending struggle and, as the saying goes, “kissing a lot of toads before you find a prince.” It’s time to be smarter about the selection and choose the best essay writing service.

Cheap Writing Service Reviews from Best Writers Online

First, let’s exchange the phrase “cheap writing services” for affordable ones. Because this is actually what you want. You want high quality from the most affordable writing services in the industry. And this is where we come in.
We are dedicated to digging deep into online writing services, doing the research, and coming up with writing service evaluations that are objective, and factual, and give students options for finding one that fits their needs and their budgets. In short, we have done the work for you. We take into account a host of factors when we evaluate writing services, including:

  • Products and services offered.
  • Quality of researchers and writers.
  • Pricing, discounts, guarantees, and benefits.
  • Actual customer reviews and feedback that we find on the web and that we solicit.

You can read all of the reviews we have published; you can look for the specifics that you want; you can see how and why we have established the ranking that we have. 

Methodology of the Selection and Review

As explained earlier, we take into account a variety of factors when reviewing different paper writing services. To select the top three cheap paper writing services, we looked at specific aspects of each essay writing service and found the ones that were the best across multiple characteristics, including:

  • Variety of Products/Services – How many products and/or services are offered?
  • The Professional Team – How good the writers, editor, and researchers are (i.e. education, expertise, experience, professionalism, and communication with clients.
  • The Writing Quality – How good the quality of their academic writing is.
  • Pricing and Discounts – How much the products and/or services cost, what the price-quality ratio is like, and whether discounts are offered.
  • Guarantees – Which guarantees are offered (e.g. money-back guarantee, originality guarantee, deadline guarantee).
  • Privacy Policy – What kind of privacy and security are guaranteed (e.g. data privacy, payment security).
  • Website Usability – How easy it is to navigate the website, whether it is mobile-friendly, and how easy it is to place an order.
  • Customer Feedback – What customers say in online reviews.
  • Customer Service – How good the customer support/service team is (i.e. availability, professionalism, helpfulness).

Some of these factors are more important than others, but all of them determine the overall quality of any given service. This is precisely why it is critical to consider all of them, and that is exactly what we did.

Are Cheap Essay Writing Services Legit?

As mentioned before, finding a cheap paper writing service that also provides high-quality writing services is quite difficult. This is because many cheap essay writing services are either scams or don’t live up to the expectations students have for them. Low prices often translate to poor quality because the essay writers working for such agencies are not paid enough and don’t produce good papers as a result.

That being said, you can still find affordable essay writing services that are legit. When reviewing different college essay writing services, we always make sure to check that they are legitimate. If we get suspicious, we clearly state that in our reviews. And if we confirm that a specific research paper writing service is scamming its clients, we warn students about it and urge them to avoid it.

How Fast the Essays Get Done When Paying Cheap

When it comes to cheap essay writers that still deliver high-quality papers despite being paid less, you need to have certain expectations about them. First, a writer like that may take longer to complete your order. A cheap essay writer who is honest will be upfront about their abilities and will tell you that they will do their best writing your paper, but you will need to wait longer to get your assignment completed.

Second, a cheap professional essay writer might make mistakes when writing your essay. This means that you will either need to proofread and edit your paper yourself or request additional revisions. Many services provide revisions for free, but some require you to pay for them. Look up information on revisions with any new service that you decide to order from so that you don’t find yourself in an unexpected situation when you spent your money in vain.

How Low Can You Go in the Pursuit of Cheapness?

Because it can take you quite some time to find a service that delivers cheap essays while maintaining quality, you need to ask yourself whether it is worth it. After all, how long can you really go looking for cheap essay writers? Wouldn’t it be better for you to pay an affordable or even a higher price as long as the quality of your paper is guaranteed?

Different students may have different answers to these questions, but you should definitely never stoop so low that you pay for a very cheap essay without considering the quality you will get for your money. There are so many affordable yet high-quality writing services, and all you need to do is read our reviews of them to find the service that will fit your needs.

Are All Features Included with This Kind of Company (Cheap)?

Different college essay writing agencies use different methods for lowering their prices. They realize that when a student comes to them asking, “Can you write my essay for me?” they need to give the student a low price that they will be able to afford. Otherwise, they might lose a potential client.

Some writing agencies choose to pay their writers less to reduce prices. Others hire amateur writers instead of hiring professional essay writers. And some writing services choose a smart route – they simply don’t include all features in their prices and require clients to pay for additional products or services they need.

For instance, instead of offering free revisions, a service may require you to pay for them. Alternatively, they may offer one free revision and require you to pay for any extra revisions you request. This means that the service can keep its prices low without offering too many products or services completely free of charge which could cause the agency to lose money.

Do They Provide Discounts Even Though Being Cheap Already?

Every college essay writing service wants to attract as many students as possible. Because most students have tight budgets, writing agencies aim to offer the most affordable prices for their products and services. Additionally, they also offer discounts and even free products and services.

For example, some writing services have free writing tools available on their websites. You may find an essay title generator or a grammar checker that you can use on your assignment after you wrote it. Moreover, you can use these tools to check the paper you received from the writing service after ordering it from them. This way, you can ensure that all is well before submitting it.

Quality Concerns – Plagiarism, Grammar, Level of Writers

Speaking of checking your paper before you submit it. Every essay writer is required to write your essay from scratch and make it completely original and free of plagiarism. Likewise, the writer is required to proofread your paper and correct any grammar, spelling, punctuation, or stylistic mistakes before giving you the final version of your assignment.

When you approach a writing agency and ask them, “Can you write my essay?” you will be asked in return what kind of assignment you have. Always explain what level of writer you need depending on your own level of education (e.g. a writer with a Master’s degree for an essay at the Bachelor’s level).

Is the Number of Revisions Higher for a Cheap Writing Service?

Both expensive and affordable writing services usually offer revisions. Students can request all kinds of changes, additions, or improvements – and the writers have to revise assignments based on the students’ wishes.

If you are ordering a paper from a cheap paper writing service, you might not be satisfied with your essay even after it is revised. In this case, don’t hesitate to request another revision. Some writing agencies offer revisions for free, so you might not even have to pay for the changes your writer makes to your paper.