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Table of contents:

  1. Why Do Students Struggle with Editing and Proofreading?
  2. Here’s How Best Writers Online Handles the Struggle
  3. How to Pick the Best Writing Service for Editing and Proofreading
  4. Methodology of the Selection and Review
  5. How Fast Do the Essays Get Edited?
  6. Are All Features Included with This Kind of Package (Editing)?
  7. Do They Provide Discounts for Editing?
  8. Quality Concerns – Plagiarism, Grammar, Level of Editors
  9. How Many Revisions Do You Need to Reach Your Goals?
  10. Our Top Picks for Editing and Proofreading Sites

There is a common saying: “The lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client.” This could actually apply to a lot of other areas. And in the field of academic writing, the student who edits and proofreads his own essays and papers is probably not a fool, but he is taking unnecessary risks. Unfortunately, there are instructors in all subject areas who place a high value on correct grammar and composition and use it as a factor in their grading. They become irritated when they have to wade through a piece of writing that is filled with English errors that should have been fixed before submission.

Why Do Students Struggle with Editing and Proofreading?

There are lots of reasons why this final task of the writing process can be tough:

  • Once students have finished writing their essays or papers, they are a bit burnt out and don’t have much motivation to go back and edit and proofread
  • Some students are facing tight deadlines and just can’t take the time for this final step, along with other assignments due. 
  • Students are emotionally “invested” in their writing and will often gloss over or miss grammar and composition errors.
  • Students are so familiar with what they have written that they miss their own errors.
  • Students lack sound grammar skills, and so are unable to identify their errors and know how to fix them.
  • If you have one or more of these issues, then you should not be editing and proofreading your own writing. You need a third professional “eye,” one that is in the head of an expert grammarian.

Here’s How Best Writers Online Handles the Struggle

We are not a writing service that will handle your editing and proofreading needs. We are, though, an agency that researches and reviews essay editing and proofreading services, in order to evaluate and rank them, so that our users can find the top editors and the best essay writing service to use. If you want the best paper editing service, you will find it here; if you want the best online proofreading service, you will find it here.

How do we evaluate these services? We review all of the content on the agency’s website, look into the degrees, backgrounds, and experience of its editors and proofreaders, and, even more important, study all of the feedback and comments of actual customers, posted on the web and that we ourselves solicit. In terms of customer satisfaction, we are looking for the following:

  • Students who state that the editing services resulted in changes that improved their pieces and go them better grades
  • Students who state that essay proofreading services polished up their writing and that instructors did not find grammatical errors in their essays and papers
  • Students who state that before changes were made in the structure, they were consulted and given the right of approval before such changes were made. 

When we look at the credentials and backgrounds of editors and proofreaders, we want to see degrees in English from accredited colleges and universities. And we like to see professionals with a background in editing and proofreading in their career lives.

And these are things that are reported in our reviews of writing services that offer editing and proofreading services.

How to Pick the Best Writing Service for Editing and Proofreading

Most writing services focus on the production of original writing products and spend a lot of time promoting that aspect of their business. Editing and proofreading are offered but almost as afterthoughts. 

If you are looking for the best essay editing service, then you should begin by looking at how important that service is to the company. Just being listed as one of their services, along with a pricing chart, does not indicate importance. Are they showing samples of their editing and proofreading work? Do they speak to the qualifications of the editors they use? 

You can do this research yourself or you can just come to Best Writers Online and read a proofreading and editing services review that we have already produced – one that is based on strong research.

Methodology of the Selection and Review

As explained earlier, we always make sure to take into account a variety of factors when reviewing different college essay editing services. The factors we consider when reviewing editing services include:

  • The Quality of Proofreading and Editing – How well the editing team proofreads and edits each text they get.
  • The Variety of Orders They Take – Which types of texts does the editing service accept for proofreading and editing?
  • The Guarantees – Whether originality and deadlines are guaranteed.
  • The Pricing Model – What the prices are like and whether discounts are available.
  • The Privacy and Security of Customers – Whether data privacy and payment security are guaranteed.
  • The Quality of Communication – Whether customer service and the editors are professional and available at all times.
  • The Feedback from Past Customers – What past customers are saying in online reviews.
  • The Usability of the Website – How easy it is to navigate, place an order, and access on a mobile device.

By considering all of these factors, we are able to find the writing and editing services that are the best among the best. It’s not enough to only look at the price or the speed of order delivery. There is no one best essay editing service, but we aim to find the ones that stand out and deliver a better overall experience to their customers.

Moreover, we realize that different aspects of a professional essay editing service have different levels of importance when it comes to the big picture. In other words, we don’t consider some factors as important as others and choose to prioritize specific ones when looking for the best essay editing service on the market.

For instance, we consider the quality of proofreading and editing to be more important than the pricing model. If an essay editing service has slightly higher prices than the average while delivering high-quality editing, it will still be better than an essay editing service that has very low prices with an equally poor quality of its editing services.

How Fast Do the Essays Get Edited?

Different types of orders will require more or less effort and time from the editors handling them. Essentially, this means that depending on what your order is like, you can expect it to be completed faster (or not). Here are some things that could influence how quickly your paper is proofread and edited:

  • Type – What type of text it is (e.g. essay, dissertation, lab report, book or movie review)?
  • Length – How long it is (e.g. 2000 words long, 50 pages long)?
  • Subject – What kind of topic it explores (some topics might need more time because they have more information that needs to be verified so that there are no factual errors)?
  • Complexity – How complex the text is (e.g. Master’s level, high school level)?

If you already know the deadline for submitting your paper, it’s best to find a professional essay editor to proofread it as soon as possible. The longer your paper is and the more complex it is, the more time it will take to proofread and edit it. Keep that in mind because it could significantly affect your chances of submitting the paper on time.

Check that the college essay editing service you want to order from has a minimum time requirement for order completion that fits your situation. Otherwise, you might need to ask your instructor for an extension on your college essay so that you have more time to get it proofread and edited by professional essay editors.

Are All Features Included with This Kind of Package (Editing)?

Different essay editing services can have slightly different features included in their proofreading and editing packages. A reliable essay editing service will usually include at least grammar, spelling, punctuation, and stylistic correction. Yet, some editing services go a step further and also included things like factual checking which is essential for ensuring that your paper doesn’t have any factual errors.

You can also find an online essay editing service that will check your bibliography and in-text citing and referencing. Some higher education institutions can be particularly strict with citing and referencing, so having a professional editor check these are ideal for preventing a situation when you get points taken off your grade simply because of incorrect referencing.

It is crucial to keep in mind that essay editing services are not the same as standard writing services. This is because they don’t write your paper from scratch but rather edit whatever you send them. This means that perks like title pages are generally not included. That being said, you can request these things for a separate cost.

Do They Provide Discounts for Editing?

Most editing services realize that students don’t have a lot of money to spend. This is precisely why professional editing agencies aim to provide affordable prices for good essay editing and proofreading. And if they can’t reduce their prices, they look for other ways to create a more customer-friendly offer.

This is usually possible with discounts. First-time customers get discounts, but regular customers also often get them. If you have a particularly long text that needs to be edited, then you can expect the price per page to be lower than it would have been for a shorter paper (i.e. you will get a discount for volume). Through such incentives, an editing service can do its job well while not stressing out students about money.

Quality Concerns – Plagiarism, Grammar, Level of Editors

A major concern for many students is the overall quality they will get. Will the editor find all the plagiarism that may be present in the paper? Will they find and correct all the grammatical mistakes? Are they even qualified in the first place to work on proofreading and editing specific types of academic papers?

In our reviews, we make sure to check every editing service to answer all of these questions. There are many good agencies that will proofread and edit your paper in a way that will have zero plagiarism, factual mistakes, and linguistic errors.

Moreover, good editing services know that their editors need to fit the tasks they are assigned. In practice, this means that every editor only gets to work on orders that fit their profile (i.e. level of education, experience in proofreading and editing, and expertise in a specific subject).

How Many Revisions Do You Need to Reach Your Goals?

Revisions are generally offered by writing services that create papers from scratch. Nevertheless, many editing services also offer revisions in the sense that they will edit your paper again if you are not satisfied with the first edit. Some agencies offer revisions for free while others will only offer one or two free revisions and then ask you to pay for all the extra revisions you request.

Before placing an order with an essay editing service, always make sure to check whether revisions are free or paid. If you are ordering from a good editing agency, then you can expect to get polished text after the first edit. Still, it’s best to have the option to request revisions in case the need for them arises.

Our Top Picks for Editing and Proofreading Sites

1.  Studicus. You will find an in-depth explanation of their editing and proofreading process, and their work is as thorough as they state.

2.  Classy Essay. Customers are overwhelmingly satisfied with the editing and proofreading services of this agency. We have seen samples of their work and agree.

3.  Top Essay Writing. Again, a thorough explanation of what their editors and proofreaders do for customers, and wide customer satisfaction.