Protect Puttenham Primary School and Village!

STOP PRESS…The situation on the Hogs Back has had recent coverage in national and international radio and newspaper media including BBC Radio 2 and the New York Times, all supportive of the aims of the campaign

STOP PRESS…Surrey County Council ignore recommendations of Safer and Stronger Select Committee and the wishes of over 600 signatories of this petiton and vote against closure of the layby! Please help us work to overturn this decision!

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On the Hog’s Back above the village of Puttenham and close to its Church of England Primary School is a site which is designated by the Police as a Public Sex Environment.    This means that it is a known public area where people go for sex.  The fields above our Village and Primary School are used for all sorts of sexual activity and this goes on day and night.  Mothers collecting their children from school have witnessed men indecently exposing themselves or masturbating in front of them and their children.  The area is littered with used condoms, tissues and lubricants.

The area is accessed by a lay-by on the A31 and this lay-by is owned by Surrey County Council.  The Cafe that operates on the site is owned by Surrey County Council and is leased to a tenant.  The tenant’s lease is due to be renewed in September 2010 this creates an opportunity to close the lay-by and cafe, effectively closing this Public Sex Environment.

In support of our campaign:

  • Anne Milton, MP: “You have to see it to believe it. If any councillors have doubts about how bad the situation is up here, I would ask them to see for themselves.”
  • The Chief Constable of Surrey Police has told Anne Milton MP he has no objection to the lay-by being closed
  • Councillor Tony Rooth sees closure as the only solution
  • The Highways Department do not object to the lay-by being closed
  • Puttenham Parish Council fully support closure of the lay-by
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The Village and Parish Council have been discussing this issue regularly and in detail with Surrey County Council since November of 2009.  Despite visits from David McNulty the CEO of Surrey County Council and calls from Anne Milton MP to close the lay-by, Surrey County Council seem unable to take decisive action.

We already have over 300 names to our petition. Please add your support to this by signing our on-line petition to show the extent of feeling to Surrey County Council and urge them to close the lay-by.  Please ask all of your friends and family in Surrey to do so as well.