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Ozessay review

Rated 1.8 out of 5
1.8 out of 5 stars (based on 8 reviews)
Very good0%

bad service

Rated 1 out of 5

Even if they have convinced you to trust them – don`t! Truly bad service.


Not quite useful

Rated 2 out of 5

Even though they have an almost endless amount of services to propose, it is still not quite usefull to work with them. The quality of the services they do asks to be much better than it is now. As well, no availability of direct contact with the writer makes it a bit hard to follow-up the process of completion.



Rated 2 out of 5

What is the main reason for working with them? Right. There is none. I wish I weren`t that stupid to believe in their endless amount of promises and other fake stories. SCAM AND FRAUD EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!


Too many mistakes

Rated 1 out of 5

Design and usability of the website. But too many mistakes in the paper(


The only question is why people should pay money for this?

Rated 1 out of 5

Everything was done very carelessly. Their support service apparently had some more important stuff than my questions and phone calls, the writer didn`t even bother to do some research before writing my paper and the website worked when it was in the mood for it. Magic! I am glad you managed to synchronise all the processes. The only question is why people should pay money for this?


According to its website, Ozessay.com.au has now served over 125,682 customers. We would assume if this is true, that they have been around for quite some time. Yet, we have been unable to find any mention of the company that goes back more than two years. This review is the result of several of our users who have requested it. In preparing to write this summary, we harnessed the list of best essay writing service reviews, compared and researched several elements – the Oz Essay website content, customer reviews that have been posted on the web, our review of samples and blog posts, along with testimonials on the site, pricing, discounts, benefits, and the quality of customer support. The final piece in this evaluation was our order for a research paper. Here is our summary.

Advertised Products and Services

Ozessay clearly states that its primary purpose is to serve students at all levels, in Australia. However, we quickly discovered that it will accept orders from anywhere in the world and even quotes its prices in U.S. dollars. It provides standard academic writing products, along with editing and proofreading and resumes/CVs.

A separate link on its site is for ghostwriting, and this service targets authors, business documents, and copywriting for web-based businesses and content marketers.

Quality of Products and Services

We were impressed with the Ozessay.com.au website content. It is well-organized and reflects solid English grammar and composition. There are several sample writings but, unfortunately, the links are broken and we were unable to review them. We did review comments and feedback from customers, and we also evaluated the research paper we ordered and received.

  • Customer reviews were mixed. It seems as though ESL students who needed academic writing that was better than they could produce, were largely pleased. Native English-speaking students were not as pleased. Many were not so happy with the research resources, and there were complaints about the structure and lack of thesis statements in some instances.
  • The paper we received from Oz Essay contained some of the issues that other customers identified. While there was a thesis statement, the paper veered from that thesis, so continuity was lost. Resources were adequate but not as sophisticated as they should have been for a college-level paper.

Although Oz Essay does not have a BBB membership, we can certainly say that it is not a fraud or scam. Quality, however, is an issue with some customers, as it was with us.

Customer Support/Service

We contacted the Ozessay customer support department by phone and by live chat and spoke to live agents both times. While the agents were friendly and certainly tried to be helpful, we wonder if this is possibly an answering service. They did not seem to have immediate answers to our questions.


Customers can calculate the prices of the products/services they want on the home page of the company website. Our 8-page research paper, with a 7-day deadline, was priced at $144.33, about average for the industry. There is a promo code for a 7% new customer discount. Other discounts were not advertised, but we were told by the customer service department that we could request coupon codes for discounts once we were a return customer. We would have to contact them for those codes.

Additional Benefits

This essay writing service does not offer any specific benefits beyond the guarantee of revisions and communication between the customer and his/her writer.


The pros & cons of this writing service are definitely a mix. ESL students may be comfortable with the products they receive; English-speaking students may not be. We urge caution, and our overall rating is “Fair.”


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