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WriteMyEssay4Me.org is a writing service that promises to help students with their academic tasks. They offer a wide range of academic papers and services, starting from high school essays to Ph.D. dissertations. This company also promises to provide customers with plagiarism free content, which is a big plus for students who want their papers to be unique and original.

However, the reality is different from the promises. The quality of the papers is not as high as the website promises.


The prices of the services at this company are very reasonable, especially for a Ph.D. Dissertation paper. A Ph.D. paper with a 10-day deadline will cost you $19.99 per page for a standard quality, and $26.99 per page for the premium quality. This is a great price for a service that offers to write your papers for you.

The prices for the services are based on academic level, deadline, and page length. For instance, a Ph.D. paper with a deadline of 5 days will cost you $20.99 for a standard quality and $32.99 per page for a premium quality. The prices are based on the academic level, deadline, and page length.

There is a discount program for new customers, but it is a bit complicated to figure out. You have to enter your email in the order form, and then you will get a code for a 5% discount. Then, you have to enter your phone number to get a promo code. Finally, you can get a discount coupon code that gives you 10% off your first order. However, there are no WriteMyEssay4Me.org promo codes for loyalty or bulk discounts.

The company does not have a loyalty program, and bulk discounts are not available. If you need a large number of pages or you need to order them in bulk, then you will need to pay a higher price. For example, a Ph.D. paper with a 3-day deadline will cost $44.99 for a standard quality, and $54.99 for a premium quality. These are the prices for a Ph.D. paper with a 14-day deadline.


We placed an order to write a paper on a history topic. We chose the deadline of 10 days and asked for a Master’s level paper. We received the paper on time. The paper was written well, but there were several issues. The writer didn’t follow the instructions we provided. The sources used were not appropriate. There were several spelling and punctuation mistakes, and there was a lot of plagiarism. The writer didn’t follow our instructions and didn’t cite sources properly. This is a huge problem because the company claims to hire only native English-speaking writers. If they can’t write well and cite their sources, they should reconsider their hiring process.

The paper was delivered on time and the quality was good. The writer followed our instructions and used the right sources. However, the paper lacked structure and proper formatting. It was also very poorly organized. The paper was not suitable for a college student.

We did not receive any WriteMyEssay4Me promo code for any of our orders. There is no WriteMyEssay4Me discount code on the website, and the WriteMyEssay4Me discount code we found was not valid. We checked other websites and found WriteMyEssay4Me coupon codes for special pricing, but none of them were valid either. We also searched for WriteMyEssay4Me discount codes and found none either.


There are many ways you can contact the WriteMyEssay4Me writing service. You can use the live chat feature, phone, or email. We contacted them all and we got prompt responses. The customer service was not effective. We did not receive any helpful information or prompt responses. We did get a refund, but it was not worth the money we paid. The company does not offer any phone number or address, so students are left to guess if they can get in touch with them. They do have a contact form, but we did not use it because we did not get a response. There is a contact form on the website, but it is not very effective. We did not receive a response when we tried to reach them. They do not offer a 24/7 support service, so students do not have any access to the agents that are available to them. We did receive a response after we sent a complaint about the plagiarism in the essay, but it was not very helpful. They did not offer any solutions or ways to fix the problem, so we do not see how students can get in touch with them when they need help.

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